Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are PKR and PAS who we want to replace BN to govern our country?

Many of you who have visited my blogs know very well which side of the fence I was in the March 8 GE. My sole purpose was to vote for a party that would rule this nation justly. A government that would not discriminate base on race or religion. We all know that we have not seen this from the BN government.

No doubt like most of my friends and relatives, I was very happy with the results of March 8. My close friend Anfielddevotee, was pleased with the results and based of the events over the past few weeks believes that a Snap elections is round the corner and has taken the initiative to get our friends to register themselves.

I am in full support of this. As Malaysians, it is our duty to vote. But who do you vote for is entirely up to you and one should weigh all the options before making up your mind.

Anfielddevotee beleives that if PKR is to take over the governing of this nation, things will be a lot better. I will admit that I shared his views as well. That is why I was saddened to read of the events that took place this morning at the Bar Council office. Threathening protest led by PKR MP for Kulim- Bandar Baharu, Zulkifli Noordin, resulted in the Bar Council Forum on Conversion having to be stopped.

PKR, that stands for freedom of speech and expression seem to be no difference to BN, it seems. Those of you who do not subscribe to Malaysiakini, can read the report below. You make up your mind about PKR and PAS. Mind you this is from Malaysiakini and not NST....

Protesters stop Bar's 'conversion' forum
Andrew Ong Aug 9, 08 9:41am

About 300 protesters gathered outside the Bar Council headquarters demanding that the lawyers group halt its controversial forum on ‘Conversion to Islam’ this morning.

The Bar Council today, adhering to the advice of the police - and an angry mob at its doorstep - wrapped up its half-day forum on 'Conversion to Islam' at 10am, an hour after it had started.

A leader of the protesters - PKR Kulim-Bandar Baharu parliamentarian Zulkifli Noordin - declared the abrupt end of the forum as a victory for them. By 10.40am, most of the protesters have dispersed.

The open forum on the sensitive religious issue kicked off at 9am but angry protestors have given organisers half an hour to cancel the event.About 15 police officers and an Federal Reserve Unit truck have been deployed to the area and the road leading to the Bar Council office where the forum is held has been closed.

'Don't play with fire'. In the bid to diffuse the situation, the police have told Bar Council to wrap up its forum by 10am.The protesters, many of whom are from Muslim welfare organsation Perkida and Islamic party PAS, shouted, “Hancur Bar Council” (Crush Bar Council), “Hidup Islam” (Long Live Islam) and “Batal forum” (Cancel the forum).

They are carrying placards saying “Jangan cabar Islam” (Don’t challenge Islam) and “Bar Council, Don’t play with fire”.Among the protest leaders seen in the crowd are PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub and Zulkifli.

The protesters, many of whom came just before the forum began, later decided to sit down in front of the Bar Council building and vowed that they would not budge until the event had been cancelled. Some threatened to storm the building to physically stop the forumAmong the speakers at the forum was syariah lawyer Mohd Haniff Khatri Abdulla. Mohd Haniff represented the Federal Territory’s Islamic Religious Council in the case of R Subashini. K Shanmuga and Ravi Nekoo, who were counsel for Subashini and S Shamala, respectively, also spoke.

The forum is moderated by Zarizana Abdul Aziz of the Women's Centre for Change.Former Syariah judge and currently the Federal Territory Islamic Department’s syariah prosecutor Dr Mohd Naim Mokhtar pulled out as a panel speaker earlier.

The demonstration was generally peaceful, but several forum participants were subjected to verbal abuse and profanities when they exited the Bar Council building. Shouts of “babi”, “pengkhianat” and “balik China” were heard as forum participants trickled out of the venue. Speaking to reporters later, Zulkifli said that he had led a delegation of four individuals representing the protesters to state their position with Bar Council president Ambiga Sreevenasan and vice president K Ragunath.

Islam-bashing forum“I spoke to them for 15 minutes and I urged them to stop the forum as it is a form of provocation against Muslims,” said Zulkifli, who stressed that he was representing Lawyers in Defence of Islam (Pembela) and not his party PKR. Asked why the protesting groups choose not to participate in the forum and engage the organisers in a discussion, Zulkifli said that he was open to dialogues but the Bar Council’s intention was to provoke Muslims. “For us, this forum is merely (for) Islam-bashing,” he said. Dang Wangi police chief ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman said the situation was “under control” and that he had advised the forum organisers to cancel the event due to security threats. “There can be civil disorder and disturbance to the peace and we can’t ensure their safety,” he said when asked for details on the security threats. Asked why he did not disperse the crowd in view of the security threats, Zulkarnain said that the police did not engage the crowd after assessing the situation. “If we were to take action, nobody will be safe here,” he said, nothing that the initially passive crowd and turned more aggressive as the demonstration wore on.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Who can you trust now?

NOTE: This is an email i received from a reader exposing the latest brain washing tricks deployed by UMNO's apparatus called Biro Tatanegara(BTN). Mind you BTN is 100% funded by tax payer's money)

Biro Tatanegara. Does it ring a bell? Government propaganda or honest student development programme? For those who aren't aware of it, Biro Tatanegara or BTN for short is under the Jabatan Perdana Menteri and it has several modules which all public university students have to attend in the name of "Student Development". On the 6th of July 2008 in UiTM Shah Alam, there were three separate talks being held under BTN with the first one being titled "Pendidikan", second one titled "Ancaman Keselamatan Negara" and the third one titled, "Patriotisma". Smell anything funny yet? No? Read on. You won't even have to smell it after you are done reading this. It'll be stuffed down your throat.

I would like to only focus on the first speaker, Dr. Idris bin Md. Noor. He was supposed to talk about education as that was the title of his speech, but the content was far different. He first went on with the usual introductions but in less than a few minutes, he suddenly touched on the forum on the discussion of social contract in Malaysia that the BAR council organized. He criticized it with all his heart, saying no one should discuss about it as it is unquestionable. Fair enough, I thought at first. Freedom of speech right? But what if he suddenly accuses the "Malay" speaker in the forum, which I'm guessing is Farish A. Noor, as a traitor to the Malay race as a whole? And while he was browsing through his files on the laptop which was projected on the big screen, it was no surprise for me that I saw files entitled "Ketuanan Melayu". He also then went on about the Malay's obsession with magic and ghosts, he said that it is all wrong beliefs through the perspective of Islam because if they really could use magic and other dark arts for fighting, then they should kill Karpal Singh with it.

There are so many quotable sentences, if only I could remember it all. He even said, "Kalau ular dengan India depan mata, ketuk India dulu." He then started to become more impassioned in his speech towards the end, like someone campaigning for a political seat yet failed, and resorted to a multi-purpose hall with bumiputra students. He said so many atrocious things that I will list them down in point form.

-Explained how the Malays aren't racist but others are racist towards us.

-Bangsa Malaysia does not exist, neither does Malaysian Chinese and Indians, only in the strict Malay, Chinese and Indians. (Interestingly, behind a booklet provided to us, one of the objectives of the programme is to produce a

-"Bangsa Malaysia". Obviously, he was ignorant).

-Bahasa Malaysia does not exist, it is Bahasa Melayu.

-Nothing wrong with waving the Keris.-Bumiputra hanya 55% di Malaysia, give birth more people!

-The University and Colleges Act was partly made to ensure a Malay Vice-Chancellor in Universities which should be the way.

-Blogs are "berdosa" or sinful.

-Christians will not like Muslims. But that isn't even the best part. The best part is, he showed a short film on the dangers of Zionism and the illegal occupation of Palestine which was probably the only part of the speech I agreed with and I thought to myself this could be the only fact of the speech but surprise, surprise, at the end of the film, there was a montage of so-called Zionist supporters with the pictures of Anwar Ibrahim, Tian Chua, Teresa Kok, Hishamuddin Rais and Ezam Md. Nor. Then a question popped up in my head. Is Ezam still a Zionist supporter since he is in UMNO now? Does that mean the government has a Zionist supporter as well as the opposition? And expectedly, the speaker was being more anti-semitic than anti-zionist. He even explained how the Pakatan Rakyat ruled states are all going down the drain and he says, "this is what you get if you vote for the opposition!" He criticized Anwar Ibrahim and his colleagues so much along with Pakatan Rakyat while being completely oblivious towards Barisan Nasional's mistakes. As if they have perfect policies.

This was supposed to be a speech touching on education and look how it ended up. It did not even smell anything of education. It was a speech that was not meant for national unity at all. How could it be when you spread hate? I could only sit and ponder quietly while all this was happening. But the speech was not the saddest part. The saddest part was that the majority of students in the hall were cheering him on. I will type out part of the lyrics that were supplied to us, entitled, "Warisan".

Anak Kecil main api
Terbakar hatinya yang sepi
Air mata darah bercampur keringat
Bumi dipijak milik orang

Nenek moyang kaya raya
Tergadai seluruh harta benda
Akibat engketa sesamalah kita
Cinta lenyap di arus zaman ini

Indahnya bumi kita ini
Warisan berkurun lamanya
Hasil mengalir ke tangan yang lain
Pribumi merintih sendiri

Melayukan gagah di nusantara.

Who were those words referring to? Foreign powers or non-malays?

Perfect welcome to the new intake of University Students.
Please spread this to others. People need to know.

I know you should.

written by
A Worried Student,

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Laughs

It is Monday again and after a relaxing and ejoyable weekend, it is back to the grind stone. Hence Monday blues.

So I thought we should all have a bit of a laugh to take those blues away (Hopefully Liverpool blow the Blues away on Wednesday).

I don't tknow if these pics are real or they have been doctored but nevertheless they are hillarious.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stress Buster

After a stressful day at the office. Nothing beats having a cup of tea on my patio and watching my two babies mess about. Pets are so therapeutic. No matter how bad a day I have had, my 2 babies always manage to put a smile on me face.

Monday, April 7, 2008

So true!!!

I don't really know who wrote this though it is signed "Soros" but I must say it is so damn true!!!

As always let me know your comments and opinions...

The corruption of Mahathir
SOROS REPLY TO MAHATHIRadapted from Bangkok Post

I have always said Dr Mahathir is a menace to his own people. Now only you can see the effects of his foolishness when the ringgit has halved its value overnight and your economy goes kaput. Single handedly you have caused hardship to millions of your own people. You have built useless mega projects at tremendous cost to the country.The telecoms tower in Kuala Lumpur and the highest building in the world show how stupid you are. Not only does it cause massive traffic jam, it has totally no purpose. If you need high ground for telecoms antennae a nearby mountain is there for free. This tower has no purpose from the ground up to 300 metres. The satelites make this totally unneccesary.
A fool and his money are soon parted. The only thing is you are the fool and the money belongs to Malaysians. You make 20% in evey project, you have real estate in Japan and billions of sharescorruptly acquired. Your 3 sons are worth 8 billion US$. Where dothey get this money? Of course, corruption. You are known as theMarcos of Malaysia, having enriched yourself to the tune of billions.You dare to shed crocodile tears during UMNO delegates meeting about the ills of corruption. Yet you are the most corrupt of all the prime ministers before you. A thief is crying thief and hopes people look the other way. Who dares to say anything when the chief is caught with his hands in the candy jar?
You said wisdom is not the monopoly of the West. So is foolishness.You have more foolishness than most people would believe. Billions are used to build two high rise Petronas buildings that benefit nobody. It now stand tall, a symbol of stupidity and irresponsibility Instead they just add on to traffic jam. What is this reclamation of10 islands off Kedah? Totally absurb and stupid. Of course your benefit is 20%. And the bridge across from Malacca to Sumatra across international waters? Why not build a bridge to the moon? I am sure you still can get your 20%.

You called me a Moron. How can a Moron make so much money. By allowing short selling and borrowing millions of shares from your banks we fund managers made millions out of your inexperience and poor regulations. You lose all Malaysians money, therefore you are the Moron. Now you know too late and start crying over split milk. In Australia you are known as the recalcitrant ego maniac; in UK the corrupt bastard because of your stupid purchase of our movie studio and the 290 million ringgit Lotus racing car plant and the shady Pergau dam loans from the UK. They are useless to us and you still want to buy them. What about buying British reject submarines through your agent, of course. The agent/ broker is designed to make millions out of Malaysian government. Your purchase of our battleships is at least 50% more than others are paying. Your purchase of 9 hospitals from UK lock, stock and barrel does not support your local architects or your industry and the British send you obsolete medical equipment.The design is atrocious, one end to the other is half a kilometer and there is no CT-scan, an absolute necessity. In the Uk your face appears in no less than 17 newspapers as a corrupt dictator. In Malaysia you are known as the (IBM) International Big Mouth. In Japan they call him the 'smallest one' (brain size). In Pacific island the Santa Claus (giving advice left and right). In south America they call him the parrot (he talks a lot but does not know what it is about). In Manila the living Marcos.
In Malaysia they are spending millions to lure tourists and you talkrubbish scaring every foreigner away. 'When he is dumb he is doubted a fool, when he opens his mouth it removes all doubt.'
While I agree the West does not have the monopoly to wisdom, your actions are not the wisest either. Your EAEC has totally no support even in Asean. Your South-South dialogue mets with the same fate and what is this I hear of the Bridge from Malaysia to Indonesia covering 20 miles across International shipping lanes? How crazy can one get?Even the Japanese don't have the money. This world's stupidity seems to be concerntrated in one man's mind - yours.
The multimedia super corridor - MSC -. Well in USA its most stupid concept because we Americans, would have thought of it light years before. Even if it makes money, we can copy this concept can't we?Why do you want to spend your hard-earned money doing questionable projects? It will be like the Bakun project. Abandoned fund wasted and another white elephant. I always say politicians should not be involved in business. Your ministers are also businessmen and almost every official is enriching himself. Look at Rafidah Aziz, selling thousands of Approved Permit for cars each worth 20-30 thousand Malaysian dollars. Why not your government sell them and make the money?She has acquired millions of shares meant for bumis for free before she agrees to list them. Look at your Selangor Chief Minister collecting millions for approving high rise buildings from businessman. He is worth a few billions. Unfortunately he was caught with a few millions pocket money in Australia.Every Chief minister is awarding useless projects to his cronies then collecting secret pay offs on the side.The Land development Boards and the Economic Development Boards are used to bailout any loses suffered by politicians.The profits they keep, the loses they force the Government bodies to absorb.How can your poor ever close the gap when every good deal is snatched by your politicians?How can your country get out of poverty if all the billions of corruption money is taken out of the country?

Look at the Sarawak Chief Minister selling billions worth of timberconcessions under the table; selling every piece of state land tobusinessman without tender; using his own companies to obtainlucrative government contracts; selling approval signatures for a fee' you pay I approve'. He has 8 billion US stashes overseas. Thousands of acres of land are given to one or two companies while thousands of poor people still live in cardboard makeshift homes; have no water and shit into the river. Thousands of acres of land are sold to companies for plantations while the native don't have even one acre to their name. He is selling sand near the beaches to one company for earth filling and then ask the government to spend millions to protect the coastline when erosion occurs. He lost 300 millions of the sarawak government money trying to make computer chips. He has built a port in Northern sarawak town in water so shallow it needs dredging every year.
The Prime Minister built highways without tender, your cronies get the deal and the price double. Your Langkawi airport runway is built is double the cost by your own company Ekran.
The Malaysian nation has lost at least 30 billions during your last10 years of corrupt rule. One billions lost from the purchase ofphantom skyhawk war planes nobody has ever seen (are they still in the Nevada desert USA?). 3 billion lost from the London tin scandal (you thought you could corner the London tin market without knowing the Americans have a stockpile! Stupidity at its best. 6 billion Perwaja steel mill where nobody even know where the money goes, 3 billion bank Bumiputra scandal where George Tan bribed all the bank officials to lend him the money. 6 billion forex lost by Bank Negara (the fool and his money are soon parted) and 6 billion to build three of the worlds tallest buildings (built by Japanese and Koreans and furniture imported from France - not Malaysia) and 1 billion lost from purchase of British warship including fees paid to the broker and under the table. Add the 10 billion you stole and 5 billion taken by Ministers.

In the 1997 the World Journalists meeting voted Dr Mahathir the Prime Minister of the Decade. It sounded strange to everybody until it was revealed those who voted against are threatened by IRD officers and with losing their jobs. In New York the United Nations 1997 meeting, the most corrupt Prime Minister of the decade is President Suharto and second Dr Mahathir (Actually Dr Mahathir should take first place but bribed the Indonesian to take honour of Number One.
There are Fifty thousand of your university students are not givenplaces in Malaysia but are good enough for places overseas resulting in billion of dollars lost.The British and the Australians are thinking how stupid. Your best students are sent overseas raising their standards while as in most countries the best are kept in local universities and the rejects sent overseas. A university student in Hong Kong is much more prestigeous than any Australian counterpart.You have been colonised by the British so long you cannot even educate your own people. Look at Hong Kong or Singapore less than 5% study overseas. All the money saved. Your country could save billions if every student overseas is recalled to a local university, and at the same time raising your own standards.
Your people are still without shoes, without land to farm, withouthomes, bathing in rivers shitting in hole in the ground, without water and electricity. Your cities are concrete jungles without greenery and open spaces. Your KL is jammed with traffic. Yet you still keep on building high rises. You should come down from the clouds and stop daydreaming and firmly plant your feet in the ground. Your schools are cramped 500 students to an acre and thousands of acres are given free to some politician who leaves them idle. Your parks are being taken by politicians to build shophouses and every cabinet minister is a landgrabbing businessman who build roads only to their cronies' land.

The Malaysians' prayer
'Ya Allah, we thank you for your gifts of timber, oil and grain.But then the devil sent us corrupt Mahathir without a BrainAnd look we are back to square one againSo just take Dr Mahathir back to HellAnd we will be alive and well.'
In China people have been shot for embezzling one thousand dollars.With 8 billions you have stolen therefore you would be shot 80thousand times.
Now you are leading an anti-corruption campaign. We all know what you should do. Look yourself in the mirror. You see the crook there?Then use your left hand and handcuff your right hand.
You have put the opposition leader and his son in jail when they said in parliament you are the richest PM in the world. And his colleague Mr Karpal Singh too for 2 years. So I get a reward or bribe if I now say you are the poorest PM in this world?
Your 3 sons are sitting in the board of directors of more than 200companies. They must have been educated in Harvard school of business and obtained distintions? Or is it 'you don't know me you don't do business in Malaysia' law that applies. Billions of ringgit of Employee's Provident Funds and public Petonas funds are used to bail out your sons who make losses investing in every venture you thought you could make money. How unethical and corrupt.

Every one of your politicians are sitting on the boards of tens ofcompanies making thousands without any effort, lending their VIP names to borrow millions from local banks without collateral. Now these have become non performing loans. Now you want 20 millions Malaysian to sacrifice for the folly of ONE man? Why not the fool resign and admit he wasted and took most of the money. I could teach you how to put your economy on tract but first you must apologize to the Jews and the Malaysian people as well.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Syabas Malaysia!!!!

What a night yesterday was. Not sure if I can call it a night. It started from evening till the wee hours of the morning.

After casting my vote in Bangsar for you know who, I headed home, feeling quiet confident that my candidate would win. This could be partly due to the chit chat I had with a few people while waiting in the long que where no one was secretive about their choice for Lembah Pantai MP.

I was at a birthday party at a restaurant in Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights when mobile phones started ringing and beeping. It was about 8.45pm when word went around that DAP had taken Penang and that Chief Minister Koh had been defeated. Of course I was sceptical. This is after all Malaysia. A one party country. BN has never played fair and they still did not with the ink issue. Then more word came about the man whose face I would have loved to have seen and laughed at when he found out he lost his Sg Siput seat. One seat that most of the 100 odd guests at the party were keen to know the outcome was of course Lembah Pantai. Then someone read out a message he received from a friend that sweet Nurul Izza had won. I said that it must be a joke as I could not see Sharizat lose because there were a lot of BN supporters in Lembah Pantai.

I then started calling and messaging a couple of friends who I knew would be following developments as closely as possible and whom I share extremely fond memories of our time in Liverpool some 16 years ago. Bala, Kamal and I were adamant that this corrupted party should not get 2/3 majority. I was kept updated for the rest of the night. Come 10.45pm, I told my lovely wife that I wanted to get home. She of course turned to the other people on the table and complained about my obsession for Liverpool FC. It was then that I realised that the game was going to be on live at 11pm. With all the excitement of the election results, I had completely forgotten about my beloved team.

As we now live some 25km away in Bukit Jelutong, I naturally drove home like a demon. Warnings from my wife to slow down fell on deaf ears as I wanted to get home to check the results, to watch Liverpool, to celebrate the scums getting knocked out of the FA Cup (thanks Bala for the news) and the fact that all cops were busy with the elections.

At home, I jumped in front of the tv and put on channel 123 on Astro. I started catching up with the results. I kept clicking between starsports and astro awani. Each time I came back to the elections results, I would catch the phrase ..."mengalahkan calon BN dengan undian...." Five beautiful words. Despite that I still managed to catch all 3 goals in Liverpool's 3rd successive league victory without conceding a single goal.

After a rather busy day and a few whiskeys too many from the party, I dozed off on the couch in my tv room only to be awakened my male dog licking my face. I noticed it was 2.45am and as I was about to hit the off button on the remote when again I heard those 5 sweet words. It put a smile on my face as I switched off the tv.

I cannot believe it!!! Is this really happening? I checked every media website from bernama to cnn and aljazeera. This really happened. After 50 years of independence, we have finally achieved a true democratic state. For the first time in my 37 years of existence, did I truly feel proud being a Malaysian. I had lost so much hope and the number of times our constitution had been amended, it might as well had been written in pencil.

For the first time in a long long time, do I feel proud of all my fellow Malaysians. All of you who took it upon yourselves to make a difference. We have created history. We have taken our country back. Infact, today is our independence!!!! To me the scene of Tunku Abdul Rahman shouting "Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!" finally has meaning and significance.

As I write this, my eyes are welling up and my throat is choked when I think that the rakyat has spoken after 39 years of silence.

Syabas my fellow Malaysians!!!!!!!! Thank you for making a stand for change.

God Bless You All!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

It is Time!!!!!!

Just like my good friend andfield devotee, this is my last post before D-Day.

In the NST front page today, Badawi advises the Indians and Chinese to be cautious about who they vote and that he "does not want to form a one race government".

BN racists are using this to imply that if BN's margin is reduced at this election it is because of the Chinese and Indians. Creating more division among the races.

People there are as many Malay brothers and sisters if not more who are upset with BN. Do not be fooled and do not be afraid.

We know the BN is using May 13 to scare us. But that will not happen as the whole world is watching. There was no internet in 1969. It was easy to cover up things then. Now it is more difficult. The whole world is watching very closely.

BN are not just trying to win the elections. They are trying to dominate the whole decision making process. I have said this time and time again that we are to vote not for a change of government but for a stronger check and balance. With that we can ensure that everyone regardless of ethnic and financial background is protected. A dominant party has only one agenda.

Be clear it is not an issue about supporting BN or supporting PAS or DAP or PKR. It is about having a just government.

If PAS or PKR or DAP had 199 seats in Parliament, I will be voting for BN tomorrow.

Be clear and vote well!!!! God Bless us all tomorrow!!!!!!!